Grades K-8                      Grades 9-10

   $375.00                               $475.00


Monthly Tuition Rates:

Preschool Rates
4 Full days (8 am - 3 pm M-Th)  $464
5 Full days (8 am- 3 pm M-Th, 8 am - 12 pm) $498



Constituent rate                       Non-constituent rate

Grades K-8:

$4,470/yr or $447.00/mo                       $5,150/yr or $515/mo

Grades 9-10:

             $5,930/yr or $593/mo                            $6,620/yr or $662/mo            


Discounts are for K-10 only:
25% off tuition rate for 3rd child from the same family
50% off tuition rate for 4th child from the same family
5% off if total annual tuition if paid in full by the the first day of school

Constituent Rate:
 The constituent rate will be granted to those who are the custodians of the account
and are members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
The non-constituent rate is applied to all others.